Frequently Asked Questions

What training do staff have?

Firstly all our staff receive full induction training on commencement of employment. All staff receive manual handling training to ensure they know how to move and handle you safely. We have a rolling training programme which covers health and safety, first aid, food safety and hygiene, infection control, safe handling of medicines, promoting communications prevention of abuse and continence and catheter care. We aim to ensure that all our staff are competent and confident in every area of care delivery so you  always feel confident in the care staffs ability to deliver your care programme safely. 

Will all the carers be experienced?

Not all carers will be experienced as we do employ staff who have had no previous care experience. However, you can feel confident that new carers will receive full induction training and will work alongside experienced care workers before being allowed to go on and deliver care on their own. You can also feel confident that all of our staffs work is monitored and assessed regularly to identify and training and development needs. If you have complex care needs then inexperienced staff will always be accompanied by a more senior, experienced member of the team.

What happens if I fall or become unwell?

You can feel confident that all staff have received training to support you to access the services you require. If they assess that you require an emergency service they will immediately contact the appropriate service and advise you of their actions. Staff will also phone your doctor, district nurse or other health care professionals to support you as necessary. Consent will be obtained before contacting anyone on your behalf.

How will the carer know my needs and preferences and what they are to support me with during their visit?

The care plan that has been produced for your needs is what the care workers will follow to ensure they are meeting your needs and preferences. This prevents you having to tell people over and over again what you want them to do. It also ensures staff meet their responsibilities and deliver what has been agreed in your care plan.

How will I know who will be delivering my service each week?

You will receive a weekly visit sheet to tell you which carers will be attending and the times of their visits. If there are any changes to this programme you will be informed by telephone or the carer attending beforehand will adjust your sheet for you. Your visit sheet will be placed in the front of your care plan.

Will I have the same members of staff regularly?

As one of our main goals as a company is continuity of care we endeavour to keep the same team of care workers attending you, although we cannot guarantee this due to staffs holidays and sick leave.

How can i maintain my privacy when care workers are coming into my home?

We remind all staff that they are guests within your home and must respect your beliefs, values and wishes. Staff have no right to enter any part of your home that you wish to exclude them from and must always respect your wishes and your domestic routines. All staff must observe our confidentiality policy and you can feel confident that any information staff gain about you is kept strictly confidential.