About Us

Greenfield Care is managed by Glenn Evans who has worked in home care for the majority of his career. Whilst caring for the elderly and disabled Glenn saw the need for, high quality, reliable home care services. Glenn felt with his expertise he would be able to offer clients a care service with a more personal touch.


Our aims are:

• To deliver the optimum quality of care to our clients, to enable them to live a full and satisfying life in comfort and privacy of their own homes.

• We believe in promoting the dignity, privacy, choice, safety,   self-esteem and independence of all our clients regardless of their sex, age, disability, ethnic origin, cultural, religious and personal beliefs.

• We recognise our role to the clients to live their chosen lifestyle by delivering the services they need to achieve and sustain their maximum level of independence.

• We aim to work in partnership with all our clients to ensure we inform people of their statutory rights so we can promote these at all times, as well as actively challenge any discrimination against any individual.


Our objectives are:

To provide a range of personalised home care services, which allow the client to choose what is most appropriate for their needs

To deliver a service that respects the privacy and to cause as little intrusion as possible on the clients daily life.

• To treat clients with dignity and respect at all times.

• To promote the health, safety and well-being of every individual.

• To train our staff to promote best practice in every area of their work to allow clients to feel confident that our staff have the skills and expertise to meet their needs.

• To encourage individuals to achieve and sustain their full potential to live their life in a way that promotes their independence, self-esteem and personal fulfilment.

• To inform every individual of their rights and the choices open to them to allow the clients to make informed choices and to be empowered to make their own decisions about their lives.